Sunday, March 4, 2012

63: 365 March 4....GG

Today I packed up the 4 kids and headed up to see GG (my grandma). It has been way, way too long since we have visited. The kids had a great time and I am pretty sure GG had a great time, too!

Luke and GG laughing about something!

Kate giving GG a big hug

Kate telling GG who is in all the pictures we brought her.

Yep...Jack was there but this is the only pic I got of him :)...he really did have a good time and even covered GG up with a blanket when she fell asleep in her wheelchair.

Joan brought blocks to make a huge tower. Grace had the most fun with it...or maybe Joan did!

62: 365 March 3

Jack helped Kate build a snowman!

Friday, March 2, 2012

61: 365 March 2nd

Snow day...finally.
When it started snowing, Kate thought it was a good time for a walk. Luke didn't agree.

Kate was so happy with the small amount of snow that fell. We actually got about 4-5 inches today.

Apples and Hot Cocoa...perfect snack after playing in the snow.

60: 365 March 1st

Her daytime outfit: red rain boots, pink princess pants and a nightgown under her coat.

Her night time outfit: non-matching pj bottoms & top but she does match the dog with matching headbands.

59: 365 Feb 28

Kate found a rainbow....

58: 365 Feb 27

Date a REAL (no kids) date night! Jared took me to Kaminski's Chop House. I recommend if you are to go there that you don't eat for the 3 days prior. We got the dinner for 2. You get 1 appetizer, 2 salads, 2 main entree's, 1 side and 1 dessert. We came home with 3 (!) bags of food that Kate and I over the next week!

Our appetizer....Bacon. Applewood bacon that is about 2 inches wide and 2 inches thick and about a foot long.

Our Side...that is a dinner plate of hashbrowns with aged cheddar cheese inside (SOOOOO Yummy!)

My entree...ribs

Our Dessert...a brownie. Yep that is a steak knife in the top. It was HUGE. We ate the 2 scoops of ice cream and took the entire brownie home...the kids were SO thankful!

I am still full....

57: 365 Feb 26th

A Day of Cleaning the laundry room....

Between having my clothes, the girls clothes and the boys clothes all in this room and having Kate think it is a dress up room (all her clothes were taken off hangers, she went through clothes that I had bagged up for donating and she decided Lukes socks and onsies should not be in drawers anymore) and having laundry to catch up on from vacation my laundry room/closet for 5 people was a DISASTER. It was my goal to have this room back in order for at least one day before Kate was released to dress up again. embarrassing as it is, here is the before picture....
90% of this is Kate's clothes and clothes that she took out of bags going to donation.
And while it is not is better, much better....

56:365 Feb 25th.....

Sorry, we must have been busy getting everything cleaned up recovering from vacation because NO pictures were taken!

55: 365 Feb 24th

***Disclosure: this is not a pic taken by me but we didn't get any pictures of our last day in the Dells at Wizards Quest. I guess we were too busy trying to save the wizards so we could get the 40% discount in the gift shop....btw, we lost by 8 minutes so only a 20% discount.**

54: 365 Feb 23rd

The life guard let Kate help run the roller coaster water slide while Grace and Daddy were on it.

Luke was pretty serious in the water park the entire time. He had fun but wouldn't smile at all.
After a fun day swimming, Jared surprised us and took us to Ginza. The kids loved the food & entertainment. I am just waiting for them to try spinning and flipping eggs.

53: 365 Feb 22nd

Chula Vista vacation: The first night (the 21st) we stayed in the room and watched movies and the kids played in the jacuzzi tub. The next morning they were up and ready by 9am...unfortunetly the park didn't open until 10 so we had a lot of waiting and watching the building! Kate and Luke LOVED the "Lazy boat river". I wish I would have gotten pictures of them on the inner tube with Jared and I but there is NO way I was taking my camera in a pool! Later in the day, Jared took the little kids up to the room and took naps and I brought my camera down to get some pics of the bigger kids riding the speed slides.
The kids looking at the building that has the water park....waiting for it open at 10am.

Jack was telling Luke all about the water slides....
Jack going down the speed slide!

Jack's splash at the bottom

That's my brave girls splash! Grace was a bit nervous but tried it (and loved it!).

52: 365 Feb 21st

Our Condo at the Chula Vista. Kids LOVED the jacuzzi in the room. Kate thought that was the water park!

Jared & the kids in the jacuzzi the 1st night. Luke didn't want to get out!

51: 365 Feb 20th

Look who's standing! Sorry it's blurry but I was taking the picture and trying to get him to stand long enough!
Thomas the Train started....Luke LOVES Thomas.

50: 365 Feb 19 Classy!

Totally carpeted car. The kids were impressed!

Even the hub caps had carpet!

49: 365 Feb 18

You can't just post a picture for this....